27 Jul
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A Whole New World

How many of you read that title, and are now seeing (and singing) Aladdin on his flying carpet?

You’re welcome.

Actually, today’s rant has really has nothing to do with Aladdin and Jasmine, per say, but I do want to get into a world that was unavailable to me until recently.  Many of you know that I struggle with my age.  I have yet another birthday coming up…gasp…the world continues to spin, and things continue to change.  I am reminded daily how thankful I am that most of the social media tools were NOT available to me in my formative years.  In short, me acting the fool, will forever be sealed and seen only in the hazy minds of those that witnessed it.

That is 100% not the case today.

Today, I am speaking to the ladies…my young ladies.  I know I have a steady stream of younger readers.  That fact amazes me.  I’m here to tell you, girls, I wasn’t always squeaky clean.  Trust me and listen to my advice.

I was listening to the radio the other day, and this girl was having a little trouble getting this guy she went out with to call her back.  She dialed up our local radio station for help in getting to the bottom of it.  Turns out, after their first date, the guy looks her up via her social media accounts.  He was a more than a little taken aback.  Picture after picture after picture of her clubbing and drinking and acting the fool were plastered all over the internet.

There are some things you can’t take back.

I am all for having a good time, especially when you are young.  I did it.  But, be mindful of what you post.  Think of your jobs, of your future endeavors…which, it turns out, what this guys was thinking about.  He was an attorney; apparently a high-powered attorney, and what he saw on her pages spooked him.  She did not take the criticism well.  She did not understand the problem, nor was she willing to try and see where this might present a problem for him at work.  When the dust settled, she ended up showing herself to be the immature person live, that he saw in the photos.  She hung up on him and the station DJs.

You won’t be 22 forever, but in the technological time that we live in, the pictures you take today, will still be around when you are forty.  Have fun with your friends, but be smart.  Life is going to be hard enough on you without you adding fuel to that fire.

Here’s hoping today is full of fun!


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