22 Nov

The Eye Patch

Hey now…it’s a Thoughtful Thursday…on a TUESDAY!!!

So, Thanksgiving is in TWO DAYS.  I hope you’re ready for it.  I think I am.  In fact, at our house, we are having a Merry Thanksmas.  Yesterday afternoon I managed to put the finishing touches on my Christmas decorations, save one.

I have one Nativity scene that still needs to go up.

The last remaining hold-out on my decorations is a lovely Willowtree Nativity, and it sits very near to the floor.  I happen to have a house-full of people this week…and one extra, one very large, one very active puppy, and I definitely do NOT want my ceramic Holy Family in pieces…so that particular piece of festive merriment will have to wait.

However, as I was walking through the rest of my house this morning, sleepily making my way to the coffee pot, with nothing more than twinkle lights to guide my steps, I was reminded of an event that surrounded another one of my Nativity sets from a few Christmases ago.

I collect Nativities.  I love them.  I have all different types: traditional sets, moose sets, the Peanuts Gang, a set from Russia, Africa, two from Hawaii, the list goes on and on.  But, my absolute favorite and most cherished is a white Lennox set that was passed down to me from my grandmother.


I remember the Christmas she was given this set; it was 1980.  I was four.  My grandmother, aka Mimi, displayed this set proudly each Christmas high atop her China cabinet (well out of reach from her grandchildren’s curious hands).  When she died, this was passed down to me.  I have had it my home for thirteen Christmases.  My eyes tear up every Christmas as I carefully unwrap each shepherd, Wise Man, animal, angel, and gently place the Holy Family on their place of prominence for all to see as they enter my house.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, this Nativity Scene is a big deal for me.  It is special to me; it always has been, it always will be…my own children can fight over it when I’m gone.  I have put it out every year since it was given to me.  That means, the first year it was in our home, my kids were very small.  They learned quickly, NOT TO TOUCH THIS OR MOMMY WILL LOSE HER MIND.  A few years ago, as I walked past this set, I noticed a pirate’s eye patch lying next to Baby Jesus.  This was incredibly odd considering anyone caught near this particular Baby Jesus faced dismemberment.  Emma noticed it as well, and tried very quickly to remedy the situation; however instead of placing the patch over one eye, she placed the patch in the middle of her forehead, giving her the look of a misdirected cyclops.

Things in my house have been a little rough lately.  Our new normal is proving to be more difficult than we imagined.  Family is rarely as cooperative as you see on TV.  And thinking about this eye patch, I am reminded about Saul from the book of Acts.  He was on a murderous rampage to destroy the early Church…namely the people of the Church.  His anger burned so hot that he simply could not see straight.  While on the road to Damascus, God literally struck him blind.  Saul went from being this powerful man of authority to a man weak and afraid and totally dependent on someone else; all because he could not see.

He had patches on his eyes.

God sent someone to pray over him, a man named Ananias came to him, prayed over him, and scales fell from his eyes (Acts 9).  Saul opened his eyes a changed man.  Why am I telling you all of this?  The holidays are not just coming; they are HERE.  How many of us are wearing an eye patch in relation to our relations?

Patches distort our vision.  They block out our ability to see the situations clearly.  And, how many of us, like my daughter, are not even wearing our patches correctly?  Meaning, we might be looking at something from a completely backwards and WRONG angle in the first place.

My prayer for you this Thanksgiving is that God would remove the patches from your eyes.  May they fall like scales, and your vision be unmarred and crystal clear.  May you look upon your family and friends with a renewed sense of love, understanding, and trust.  I pray that bonds and relationships that were broken can feel the healing begin.

I also pray your turkey and dressing be moist and yummy.

Here’s hoping you have a Merry Thanksmas!!


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