17 Mar
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The Duke Boys

Happy Friday to everyone…actually, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I did not realize it was St. Patty’s Day until I started typing this out.  I woke up this morning and thought it was Sunday.

Welcome to a day in MY life.

I appreciate everyone’s patience with me over the last several weeks on the blog front.  As many of you know, I have been desperately trying to finish my latest book, Connor Blackstone and the Old Oak...well, I am pleased to announce, drum roll, I DID IT!!


Now, the fun part (not really) of editing and searching for a literary agent begins.  But, the real struggle of putting all those words on the page is over.  But, that is not what I wanted to talk to you about today.  Nope.  Today I want to talk to you about the Duke Boys.  Remember them?

Beau and Luke Duke?  Hood sliding across The General Lee?

Oh, I remember them.  If I’m being completely honest, Beau Duke was my first crush.  Now, if you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you know that while I have some pretty funny moments, I’m not always the brightest bulb in the pack, nor am I the sharpest tool in the shed.  Hey, we can’t be all things, at all times.

My hot husband and I, have a soon-to-be-sixteen-year-old son.  What do all sixteen-year-old boys think about?


Being the hick family that we are, I figured my man-boy would be dreaming about a jacked-up truck of sorts…nope…that’d be my daughter…my boy has his sights set on a Dodge CHALLENGER…yup…

The General Lee…minus the orange paint and Confederate Flag.

For the past few weeks, he’s been working double-time trying to convince me of Dodge’s outstanding safety rating, the car’s overall qualities, and the sheer coolness of owning a muscle car.  All I can see is Roscoe chasing him down the Grand Parkway with his hound dog riding shotgun.

His arguments either worked, or I’m getting soft in my old age, because clearly my garage is now housing our version of the Duke Boys’ car.  For the record, it IS fun to drive…and considering he doesn’t have a license, nor does he know how to drive a MANUAL, I get to drive it for the next few months.

And for all of you who might’ve missed it, I already have Boss Hogg living with me…of course it stands to reason that now I get a Beau, and following right behind him, a Daisy!

Does anyone else wonder why I have no TV cameras following me around?

Here’s hoping your day is one for the books!



  • I thought you said that this wouldn’t happen when he turned 16. Well he ain’t 16 yet and he already got one. I guess that is what happens when you’re so rich you don’t know what to spend money on. I hope he doesn’t follow in his dad’s foot prints.

    • Thanks for the reminder, Papa Jim!! I guess that’s why I love you so much!! If it helps, I talked your son out of the REALLY FAST one he was trying to buy. Come see us soon. Hugs-Dallas

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