22 Dec

A Baby Changes Everything

Is anyone else busy?  ‘Tis the season for even more insane schedules and jam-packed days.  I honestly cannot believe that the Internet is still up and running with all of the last minute BUY NOW clicks that I have been purchasing with the hope of having gifts delivered by Christmas.


It’s coming…ready or not…Christmas will be here in three days.

Christmas or not…my youngest sister is doing her part to contribute to the Internet buying power.  Why?  She’s pregnant with her first baby.  She’s over-the-moon-excited to welcome her sweet baby girl in March.

I remember that feeling…the excitement, the wonder, the worry.

A baby changes everything.

As prepared as my sweet sister thinks she is, or will be, she’s not.  She and her husband are in for the shock of their lives.  As new parents, we have no idea who our children will grow up to be.  We protect them.  We love them.  We watch them grow.  Our lives are never the same after their arrival.  Mine certainly was not.

A baby changes everything.

After the birth of each one of my children, my heart expanded and broke all at the same time.  I knew from the moment they were born that they would experience immense joy and pain that I could not shield them from.  Yet, I rejoiced in their life that would be.

As we come up on Christmas, I cannot help but think of another new mother who shared our same hopes, dreams, and fears for her unborn baby.  In this case, a Baby did change everything.  While we, at my house, are very excited to await a visit from the Man with the Bag, we have not forgotten the reason for season.

33002953 - baby doll acting as jesus in a christmas nativity scene

The Baby in the manger brought to us life, healing and unbelievable joy…even in the middle of pain.  I know this Christmas brings worry and trouble to many families–ours is not untouched from those; but before I get too bogged down in the sorrow and sadness, I think about the joy that a Baby brought.

Because, a Baby changes everything.

That Baby brought hope.  He grew to be a Man who accepts me the way that I am…flaws and all.  He loves my children, regardless of the mistakes they make and will make.  He forgives us and offers us life.

During your last minute preparations, try not to worry too much about perfection.  Do you have the right gift?  Is the meal going to be perfect?  The Gift has already been given.

A Baby changed everything.

Merry Christmas!


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